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i) Shipping Traffic in Singapore
  • Our Directors believe shipping traffic in Singapore will continue to grow as the global economy recovers
  • Our Directors believe the long-term demand for our Group's supplies and services will be firm
ii) Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Services in Singapore and the PRC


  • Our Directors believe that the supplies and services for ship repairs will continue to provide a stable revenue stream for our Group


  • Our Directors believe there is growing demand for the provision of marine electronics equipment and the related services in the PRC, despite the current anticipated slowdown in terms of new ship orders in the PRC
  • Our Directors believe the growth in the shipbuilding and ship repair services industries in the PRC will be sustainable and expect revenue contribution from the PRC to increase in the long run
iii) Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Activities
  • Most analysts agree that many major and large national oil companies will keep upstream spending stable on the whole
  • Given that there is currently no other viable alternative to meet most of the world's energy needs, our Directors believe demand for oil exploration and production activities (both onshore and offshore) will continue to be firm


i) Explore investments and/or joint ventures
  • We may consider investing in other companies with businesses similar or complementary to our Group's business, and/or joint venture with suitable parties as and when the opportunities arise
  • Our Directors believe that for our overseas joint ventures, forming joint ventures with business partners with local knowledge or local contacts is a prudent and cost effective strategy of penetrating the overseas market
ii) Expand our geographical network
  • Create an international network to provide better customer support
  • Set up new representative offices in some of the region's busiest ports, especially in the PRC, and other ship building hubs
iii) Extend our business reach and expand our product range
  • Identify and source for new suppliers to complement our existing range of products
  • Currently evaluating the feasibility of diversifying business portfolio to include the provision of integrated solutions for land and aviation communication